Alumni Event

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I just show up without registering first?
No—you must register ahead of time. In order to ensure a great weekend for everyone, we need to know how many people will be attending. Please register by May 31 in order to avoid late registration pricing and so that we can plan banquet seating numbers, printed nametags, assign housing, etc.

2. Where do I pick-up my check-in packet?
Check-in packets will be available on Reunion Friday at the front gate during the day and, afterward, on the Pergola.

3. If I arrive late on Friday evening, will there be a problem checking in?
The security staff will have a list of all weekend registrants so they will be able to let you in the front gate after 11 p.m. You can pick up your packet on the Pergola.

4. How do I sign up for horseback riding and/or trapshooting?
Sign-up sheets for horseback riding and trapshooting will be posted in the Commons on Reunion Friday.

5. What if I need to cancel my registration?
Please contact us at 805-640-3220 or by May 31 to cancel your registration. We will be happy to refund your fee until May 31. We will also gratefully accept your fee as a donation to the Annual Fund in lieu of refunding you. After May 31, there are no refunds.

On-Campus and Local Accommodations

1. How do I reserve on-campus housing?
During registration, you can request an on-campus dorm room. Please note that there are a limited number of dorm rooms and reservations for dorms are on a first come, first served basis. The Reunion registration fee must be paid for your dorm reservation to be processed.

2. How are dorm rooms assigned?
Generally, each room has one twin bed and floor space for a sleeping pad. For families, one adult and one child are assigned per room, where the child can sleep with the parent or on the floor if the family brings a sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Larger families may have two kids assigned to their own room. There are some larger rooms that are assigned according to a group's needs and size.

3. What do I need to bring if I'm staying in a dorm?
Beds, sheets, blankets, towels, and pillows are provided for adults only. Only one blanket per adult bed is supplied. If you tend to be cold when sleeping, we recommend bring a sleeping bag or extra blanket. Bring everything you need for your kids: sleeping pads and bags, pillows, bath towels, hangers, etc. Please contact us in advance if you would like to borrow sleeping bags and pads for your kids.

4. I registered for housing. How do I get my room assignment?
Room assignments will be included in your check-in packet.

5. If I'm staying on-campus, will I be housed with my classmates?
We will do our best to place each class in the same and nearby dormitories.

6. I'm booking accommodations off-campus. Is there a list of places in Ojai?
Yes, you can find a list of local accommodations here. We recommend booking accommodations early because The Ojai Music Festival is the same weekend and we anticipate accommodations to be limited.

What to bring

1. Do I need formal attire?
Yes, please bring Thacher formal dinner attire for the Saturday evening banquet.

2. What kind of clothes/gear/supplies should I bring for the weekend?
Bring layers for warm days and cool nights. Formal attire for the Saturday evening banquet. Recreation gear such as boots, cleats, court shoes, tennis racquets, bathing suits, pool towels. Sunscreen, hats, reusable water bottles for refilling stations.

3. Can I bring my dog with me to campus?
No. Please leave your furry friends at home or at your hotel. Not everyone loves dogs and we will have upwards of 500 people on campus. If you do bring your pet to Ojai, please look for accommodations off campus. There is a lot happening here during Reunion Weekend and even the calmest, most well-behaved dog can become stressed in a strange place with lots of new people, children, noise, horses, etc. Bringing your dog also creates stress for the faculty pets that call Thacher home.

4. Can I bring my own horse?
Yes. Please contact the Horse Department ahead of time.


1. Are my children allowed to attend the banquet?
Older teenagers are welcome to attend the banquet with their parents (please be sure to register all individuals who are attending the banquet with you). The banquet, while very entertaining for alumni, is three hours long with an hour of class photos and mingling prior. Teens may prefer to attend the Teens Program offered during the banquet.

2. Is there childcare available during the weekend?
For children ages 5 and older, childcare is available during the Saturday evening banquet. While you are at the formal banquet, your kids (ages 5-11) and teens (ages 12-17) will enjoy dinner, games, crafts, gym sports, and movies. For children ages 4 and under, childcare during the banquet is not provided by Thacher but we can help you find a local babysitter. Contact Aaron Boydston at for assistance.

Have a question not answered in FAQs? Call us at 805-640-3220 or email us.