Paso Robles "Meet in the Middle" Wine Event

Join alumni, parents, and friends for a gourmet BBQ lunch, 
live music, and wine tasting.

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Noon to 4 p.m.

Graciously hosted by Michelle and Sherman Thacher
(Great-grandson of Sherman Day Thacher)

Thacher Winery and Vineyards
8355 Vineyard Drive
Paso Robles, California  93446

Featuring wines from
Thacher Winery (Michelle and Sherman Thacher)
and Alta Colina (Maggie Tillman CdeP 2002)

RSVP for the Gathering by November 1

If you are interested in carpooling, please email Michelle Cyr at You will be connected with others in your area so that you can arrange a carpool.

Please choose the number of reservations.

Quantity and Pricing
Paso Robles "Meet in the Middle" Wine Event
12 Noon to 4 p.m.
Sunday, November 17, 2013 at 12:00 PM
Reservation: 1 No Charge

Who's coming:

Jane Allen John W. Killea
Maria Altamirano Suzanne Killea
Ames Anderson Heather King
Mary Anne Anderson Wade H. King, Sr.
Kathelee D. Banister Leslie Krinsk
John Battel Kevin Kuhn
Bryan N. Beckham Kevin A. Kuhn
Carter C. Beise Christopher J. Land
Lisbeth Beise Sarah E. Lavender Smith
Kevin Berigan Adam Q. Li
Janice Blair Kissel Linda Liebes
Elizabeth H. Bradford Sidney Liebes, Jr.
Barbara Brault Alfred L. Marks III
Ernie Brigham Kathryn Marshall
Sheryl Brigham Victoria Montague
Scott C. Brittingham Monica Morse
Anne Bruenn Michael K. Mulligan
Steve Bruenn Illona Myles
Adele Cadres Marcia Neville
Cindi Cantril H. Travers Newton, Jr.
John P. Carver Joanna B. Newton
Jane G. Casamajor Suzanne Nixon
Joan Chamberlain Gail Pierce O'Brien
Park Chamberlain, Jr. Sarah W. O'Brien
Lauren M. Church Lucinda Owen
Dixie Cliff Walter E. Owen III
Ivan S. Cliff Francoise Park
Susanna S. Cogswell Charles Perkins
M. Michelle Cyr Sarah H. Perkins
Karen Dahl Bobby W. Perry
Laurence Darling Derick S. Perry
Monica Darling Harriet Perry
Kellam de Forest Gina Picerno
Cherie Demopoulos John J. Pierrepont
George Demopoulos Bruce C. Poole
Edward B. Doubleday Melinda Poole
Hilary Doubleday Barbara Proctor
Aaron Dowling Brian Proctor
Pierce Dowling Kelly Proctor
Ronan Dowling Robert Proctor
Brandon C. Doyle Jie Qu
Dana Doyle Rich
Susan Duvall Karleanne Rogers
Douglas J. Earley Halaine Rose
Mark A. Eaton J. Holt Rose
Victoria Eaton Steven R. Schneider
James H. Edwards Brent Seagoe
Kim Ervin Marjie Seagoe
Eric O. Fisher Miguel Sierra
Sasha S. Gifford Jared S. Smearman
Elizabeth M. Graham Tanji Morgan C. Smith
J. Jeffrey Green Randolph G. Smith
Lisa Halsted Louise Spadia-Beckham
Scott Halsted John R. Stacey
Todd Hannahs J. Thomas Stenovec
Todd S. Hannahs Susan Stenovec
Liz Hastings Barrie K. Sterling
T. Newlin Hastings, Jr. Korzu J. Taplin
Shannon Hastings Baker Deborah A. Francis Tennant
Lucy M. Herr Anson Thacher
Shase Hockey Anson B. Thacher
William R. Hockey Caroline Thacher
William W. Hockey John H. Thacher, M.D.
Margo Hon Michelle Thacher
Robert E. Hopkins Sherman H. Thacher
Toni Hopkins Molly Twichell Perry
Terri Ikeda Unknown
Vard Ikeda Carla Van Kalsbeek
Elizabeth G. Jackson Smearman David Van Kalsbeek
Allison Janss Li Wei
Peter C. Janss E. James White, Jr.
Colleen Johnson Sunny Xia
Peter M. Jordan Nicholas Zaldastani
Jennifer Kelly Melody Zheng
Niall E. Kelly  




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